Services, Maintenance and Licencing Fees

Business Licence:                   $20.00 per year

Loraas Bin (1week):                $110.00 + GST

Building Permit:                       $5.00 per $1,000 of Estimated Building Costs (up to Maximum of $200)

Demolition Permit:                  $5.00 ($5,000 for Demolition of a Grain Elevator)

Cemetery Plot:                         $250.00

Columbarium Niche:              $1,500.00 ($1,700.00 after December 31,2024)

Grass Cutting:                         $75.00 per hour + GST

Gravel:                                      $45.00/yd (approx. 3 front loader buckets) +GST

                                                  $15.00/bucket + GST

Utility Hook Up:                       $286.50 (refundable within one year upon good standing account)

Water Shut Off:                       $30.00

Water Reconnection Fee:     $30.00

Pet Licence:                            $10.00 per year

Plumbing Permit:                   $100.00 (up to 10 fixtures)

Maintenance/Service:           $100.00 + GST (included use of equipment operated by Town employee)

Fee for Services Provided

by Town Employees

Town Dump Fees:                 $20.00 per item (appliences and furniture)

                                                 $75.00 per 1/2 ton load


Cemetery Niche Purchase Form